Evan Senderowicz


I am a photographer, sculptor, studio jeweler, and metalsmith; most often several at once for any given project. Photography may at first stand out because it is not the same type of fabrication as the rest. Instead of starting from raw materials and forms I'm starting from observation, reshaping what already exists into a story by subtracting what's outside the frame. My metalwork often isn't too far from that, drawing direct inspiration from made objects and visual themes that can be observed elsewhere.

I care deeply about the way things are made and the stories told by making. I grew up surrounded by those stories. My dad's career as a sculptor and lifelong pursuit of tinkering, learning, and understanding things through what they could become gave me a solid technical and conceptual foundation for learning to make my own types of art. He also taught me to work on bicycles, which has not only turned into a bit of an obsession for me, but also broke down a lot of the intimidation that comes from the idea of making a machine.

I have a fascination with tools, workshops, and evidence of processes. My photography often focuses on this evidence, having a shared subject present as details or feelings, not fully visible. My recent metalwork has built on the visual language of scientific, medical, or aerospace equipment, trying to extract an experience from pure function. I'm interested in the physical properties of materials, often in opposition to concepts like preciousness. I'd much rather use gold (for example) in a way that takes specific advantage of its thermal properties and stability than using it to store wealth. I'm also particularly interested in the ways that function and precision (or lack thereof) create a narrative when they interact with an audience.